The Essential List Of Spring Items You Need In Your Home

The Essential List Of Spring Items You Need In Your Home

Essential Spring Items You Need Spring is nearly here, which means it’s time to wake your home up from its winter slumber. There are many items which are essential to freshening up your home before the warmer weather sets in. Pick up these essential spring items and your home will feel like spring in no […]

Budget-Friendly Backyard Renovation Ideas to Make A Big Impression

Budget-Friendly Backyard Renovation

I think we can all relate to wanting a beautiful home exterior without wanting to pay thousands for it. Sprucing up your backyard doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg! There are countless budget-friendly backyard renovation options that you can easily do yourself. Take advantage of these simple outdoor updates as spring […]

What Exactly Do Air Handlers Do for My HVAC System?

Air Handlers

What is an air handler? Most of us have no idea how to answer this question, and as such an important aspect of your HVAC system, it really is something you should know a little about. Continue reading to learn the basics about air handlers and how they work to keep your home optimally comfortable.  […]

5 Must-Make Desserts for the Holiday Season

desserts for the holiday season

5 Must-Make Desserts for the Holiday Season Nothing gets you in the holiday spirit quite like baking! Cookies, pies, cakes, and other sweet treats make for the perfect festive spreads. Take advantage of these 5 must-make desserts for the holiday season and share them with family and friends!  Peppermint Patties While you can purchase these […]

Ways To Keep Your Pensacola Home Energy Efficient This Holiday Season

Ways To Keep Your Pensacola Home Energy Efficient This Holiday Season

Keep Your Home Energy Efficient This Holiday Season The holidays are approaching which means most of us are preparing to spend lots of money. After splurging on gifts and meals for family and friends, increased energy bills isn’t something we want to think about or have to deal with. Want to know how to keep […]

DIY HVAC Maintenance Tasks You Can Take On This Fall

DIY HVAC Maintenance

DIY HVAC Maintenance Doing anything yourself to your HVAC system may sound daunting, but there are many simple and safe things you can do without having to worry. For example, a basic inspection of your home or thorough cleaning of your air vents are straightforward projects for any homeowner. Keep reading for more DIY HVAC […]

Do Ceiling Fans Actually Cool Your Home?

ceiling fans

Do you think of your ceiling fan as a cost-effective alternative to running your air conditioner? Contrary to popular belief, ceiling fans do not actually cool the air in your home, but simply move the air around. However, as the breeze of the moving air brushes over your body, you’re more likely to feel cooler […]

The Importance of Regularly Cleaning Your Air Vents

Cleaning Your Air Vents

Are you unsure of whether or not you should be cleaning your air vents? Are you confused about how often to clean them? Maybe you’ve never even thought about cleaning your air vents. Well, the truth is, it needs to be done, and done often. If you’re unsure of how, why, and when to clean […]

Common Summer HVAC Problems & Their Solutions

summer hvac problems

Summers in the Panhandle get extremely hot and humid, and because of this, we’re no stranger to HVAC problems this time of year. Florida’s heat and humidity in the summer tests the durability and strength of comfort systems, working them overtime and often leading to breakdowns or premature failure. If your comfort system is struggling […]

AC Blowing Hot Air? Here Are 8 Possible Reasons Why

ac blowing hot air

As we move into the hottest months of the year in Pensacola, our air conditioning systems are going to start working harder and harder to cool our homes. If you’ve lived here for any period of time, you know this is the time of year when your air conditioner is put to the test. Is […]