DIY HVAC Maintenance

DIY HVAC Maintenance Tasks You Can Take On This Fall

DIY HVAC Maintenance

Doing anything yourself to your HVAC system may sound daunting, but there are many simple and safe things you can do without having to worry. For example, a basic inspection of your home or thorough cleaning of your air vents are straightforward projects for any homeowner. Keep reading for more DIY HVAC maintenance tasks that may seem simple, but are very effective in keeping your HVAC system operating efficiently and effectively throughout the fall and winter!

Get Familiar With Your Vents

Getting familiar with your air vents sounds odd, right? Surprisingly, it’s super important to know where vents are in your home, and how they work. Move furniture to make sure that air vents aren’t being blocked. Otherwise, conditioned air is going to have a much harder time circulating around the room. You can also adjust which vents are open or closed allowing more (or restricting) air flow to certain parts of your home. 

Clean, Clean, Clean!

Take a vacuum cleaner or duster to your vents to rid the covers of any built up pollen, dirt, dust, or pet hair. If you notice any debris inside the vents, it may be a good time to schedule a duct inspection to check for leaks. You can also sign up for a regularly scheduled maintenance plan to have that taken care of ahead of time. 

Check For Drafts

Look for gaps around your doors and window frames where your warm indoor air could be seeping out and cold air seeping in. These gaps can easily be filled in yourself with sealant from your local hardware store. While this may seem like a minor fix, it can save you from increased energy bills when the weather really cools off.

Keep An Eye Out For Pests

As the weather gets cooler, you might get some new, unwanted, critter tenants in your home. Inspect the exterior of your house to find and seal any entry points these pests may use. Make it clear that they are not welcome and keep them from coming back!

Your Thermostat

If your thermostat is programmable, take a look at it to make sure everything is set correctly. Don’t forget to switch the setting to “heat” when the cold weather arrives. Additionally, if you’re planning on heading out of town, turn the air or heat down to save some money on energy bills while you’re away. 

Adjust The Ceiling Fans

As winter comes around, adjust your fans so they rotate clockwise. This will cause the ceiling fans to pull warm air up and disperse it throughout the room. For a simple explanation, this works because warm air is pushed against the walls and back down onto the floor before rising through the room again. This gentle redistribution of air can make your room feel more comfortable.

Give Us A Call

While you work on your own projects, call the professionals at Shannons Heating & Cooling to service your heat pump or furnace. Our technicians will inspect your system to ensure your heat will be running efficiently this upcoming winter.

Feel free to call (850) 698-3101 or email us at [email protected] with any questions or inquiries, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram! DIY HVAC maintenance DIY HVAC maintenance

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