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Do Ceiling Fans Actually Cool Your Home?

Do you think of your ceiling fan as a cost-effective alternative to running your air conditioner? Contrary to popular belief, ceiling fans do not actually cool the air in your home, but simply move the air around. However, as the breeze of the moving air brushes over your body, you’re more likely to feel cooler and more comfortable, especially when the air conditioner is running. This is called the wind-chill effect.

Ceiling Fans DO Help Save You Money

Because ceiling fans move conditioned air around the room at a higher rate, you’ll likely feel cooler even if the temperature in the room isn’t actually cooler. However, feeling cooler will allow you to turn the temperature on the thermostat up while still feeling comfortable. Raising the temperature setting even just by 2 degrees can help you save a noticeable amount on your energy bills. Afterall, your comfort system uses more energy to cool your home than your ceiling fans. 

Ceiling Fans Help Regulate Humidity

Ceiling fans also help save you money and keep you more comfortable by regulating humidity in your home. This can be a huge help in our humid climate of Pensacola. By moving the air around, your ceiling fans are also dispersing moisture in the air to keep it from accumulating in the space. While they can’t remove the moisture from the air like a dehumidifier can, they do help! 

Tips for Ceiling Fans:

Don’t run ceiling fans when you’re not home. Since they don’t actually cool your home, there’s no point in using the extra energy while you’re not there to enjoy it.

Ensure your blades are rotating correctly. In the summer, your ceiling fans should spin counter-clockwise, pushing air straight down. In the winter, fans should spin clockwise. 

Don’t install ceiling fans yourself. Contact a professional if you’re looking to install ceiling fans, as they require electrical work that can be dangerous or even life-threatening. 

Place ceiling fans in the right spot. Placing ceiling fans in the right spot in any room is crucial for proper air circulation and maximum efficiency. 

Potential Problems 

If you regularly use your ceiling fans, you may experience the following problems from time to time. If you experience these issues, call a professional to fix them.

Unable to Change Speed: If your ceiling fan is unable to change speeds, it could be due to a faulty dimmer, rough ball bearings, dead capacitor, or overheated motor.

Wobbling: Does it look like your ceiling fan could fall at any moment? It may have been installed incorrectly. With a poor connection, a ceiling fan can become wobbly over time and will need to be repaired or re-installed.

Making Noise: Fans, just like any other appliance, need proper maintenance from time to time. If your fan is making noise, it likely needs cleaning and lubrication on the ball bearings. 

Stopped Working: If your ceiling fan has stopped working, there is likely an issue with the circuit or a faulty motor. Do not try and fix this issue yourself. Call a professional.

Air Conditioner and Ceiling Fans

While ceiling fans may not be able to replace your air conditioner, they can aid your comfort system in keeping your home more comfortable throughout the year. If your air conditioner isn’t keeping your home comfortable on its own, it may be time for a replacement. The comfort systems offered by Shannon’s Heating & Cooling provide maximum efficiency and humidity control and are built to protect against the tropical elements of Pensacola such as salt, sand, and high humidity. 

What’s Next?

If you’re interested in a free in-home estimate on a new AC system, call the professionals at Shannons Heating & Cooling. We provide American Standard comfort systems for residents and small businesses in Pensacola and the surrounding areas. For more helpful HVAC information, check out our other helpful articles

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