Prepare for Spring During Winter - Home and Garden

10 Tips to Prepare for Spring During Winter – Home & Garden

Prepare for Spring – Home and Garden

Spring will be here before we know it! Blooming flowers, green grass, and warm sunshine are just around the corner. There are many things you can do now for your home and garden to prepare for the upcoming spring season. Check out our latest blog highlighting 10 awesome tips to prepare for spring during winter.

We’ll first cover 5 great tips for getting ready for springtime with indoor chores and tasks, then move to 5 tips for prepping your lawn and garden for the warmer months. It may still be winter here in Pensacola, but we’ve always got sunshine on our minds!

Inside Tips: 

  • Organize your most used areas in the home so you’ll be ready for spring cleaning.

 Since we generally spend more time indoors during the winter, this is the perfect time to get those junk drawers and closets organized! Make a list of your top 5 most used areas in the house, and use the winter months to organize those 5 areas so they are in tip top shape come spring! Clear bins and a label maker will help you keep things organized throughout the year and will help your family know where everything belongs.

  • Groom houseplants and make sure they get enough sunlight and warmth.

Many house plants require fertilization in spring and fall, as well as a trim. Go around and make sure all house plants and patio or deck plants have been tended to this season, and add an extra layer of mulch or decorative rocks to keep them warm during the cooler days. Some plants may also need to be brought inside or placed in a sunnier location during winter. 

  • Plan fun movie and game nights with family and friends- keep the tradition going even in spring.

Who doesn’t love a family game night? We always tend to love the idea of this, then weeks and months get away from us and suddenly it’s been too long since the family has gotten together for a little fun. Change that! Scheduling game nights with family, especially if you have grown children, will help ensure the event happens and you can make it a regular thing. Great memories are made during family and friend game nights, so make it a point to get it on the schedule this winter!

  • Install air purification system to prepare for spring allergies.

Winter is also a great time to get an air purification system installed in your home. With spring allergies around the corner, an air purification system will help keep everyone breathing easier for years to come. They can even help keep early spring viruses at bay by cleaning the air throughout your entire home. 

  • Change the air filter each month and schedule routine HVAC maintenance.

An important part of having an HVAC system in your home is the routine maintenance that comes along with it. Make a recurring calendar event for yourself as a reminder to change your air filters once a month or every 3 months if you don’t have pets or allergy sufferers in your home.

Outdoors Spring Prep Tips: 

  • Clean up dead or dying plants and remove weeds from the garden.

Outside, use the winter months to cut back any dead, dying, or diseased plants and shrubs from your yard. Help your plants during the difficult growing season by removing any weeds or other plant competitors that keep nutrients away from your favorite plants. Ensure your plants will have ample sunlight during the shorter winter days and prune trees and shrubs as needed so they will be off to a great start when it warms up outside.

  • Amend soil for spring and add a new layer of mulch.

Winter is a great time to work on your garden’s soil quality. Adding a new layer of mulch will help deter any early spring weeds and provide some extra help to all the great microbes living in your garden. Winter is also a good time to add in natural fertilizers like manure or compost, so there’s a good amount of time to work nutrients into the soil by spring. 

  • Pressure-wash the exterior of the home and hard surfaces such as patios, driveways, and sidewalks.

Though we rarely experience icy days in Pensacola, outdoor surfaces can still get slick. Use the winter months to get the driveway, sidewalks, carport, patio, and any other walkways pressure washed and ready for another year of use by your family. This type of maintenance will keep your surfaces looking great for years and keep your curb appeal high. 

  • Wash windows and doors and check for any drafts while cleaning.

Since we don’t experience freezing temperatures in our area, winter is also a great time to clean the exterior of your home and windows. While cleaning, be sure to check for drafts and correct any issues so you don’t lose conditioned air from inside your house. It is easier to feel for drafts when it’s colder outside, so now is the time to check all your windows and doors!

  • Clean around the outdoor HVAC unit and inspect for any abnormalities.

The last tip on the exterior list is to check around your outdoor HVAC unit. Leaves, sticks, and other debris likely accumulated during fall, so that should be removed from around the unit. Give a good 3 feet of clearance on all sides of your unit from fencing and shrubs as well, and your system will thank you for it with improved performance!

Don’t Forget About Your Comfort

Among all the holiday season celebrations and prepping for the new year ahead, don’t forget about the comfort of your home! To keep your comfort system from breaking down when you need it most (like when you’re having a holiday get together), get preventative maintenance performed on your system and ensure it’s running efficiently and properly. Our preventative maintenance tune-ups reduce your risk of needing costly emergency repairs throughout the year.

Shannons Heating & Cooling is your local American Standard Dealer in Pensacola, FL. We specialize in heat pump repair and installation. Feel free to call (850) 698-3101 or email us at [email protected] with any questions or inquiries regarding your home’s comfort this spooky season! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more helpful information regarding your home and HVAC system.  prepare for spring home and garden prepare for spring home and garden prepare for spring home and garden prepare for spring home and garden 

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