Grilling Recipes & Backyard Get Together Ideas

Grilling Recipes & Backyard Get Together Ideas

Grilling Recipes & Backyard Get Together Ideas

Nothing says summer like having a few friends over and firing up the grill! There’s no better spot to have a fun get-together than the backyard, especially on a nice summer night. Read on to hear our recipes and ideas for a night of fun, food, and friends.

Grilling Recipes

Food brings everyone together, especially when the food is a delicious, home-cooked meal! Here are some of our favorite recipes for things you can easily make on the grill this summer. 

Bison Burger

Try something different from your classic grilled hamburger with a bison burger! These delicious patties are leaner than most beef burgers, while also having micronutrients and minerals. They have their own unique flavor and go great with your favorite toppings, like lettuce, pickles, and spicy mayo. Check out the recipe here!

Classic Grilled Chicken

However you make your chicken on the grill, we’re sure it’s delicious. However, something as traditional and simple as chicken is always a great option to try preparing in a new way. This recipe combines your favorite classic grilled taste with lemon, garlic, and herbs to add something different to the mix.

Grilled Eggplant

If you’re cooking for a bunch of people, there might be a vegetarian in the crowd, making this grilled eggplant recipe a great option for large gatherings. It goes deliciously with various side dishes and is one of the best vegetables to make on the grill. Enjoy!

Chipotle Fish Tacos

These tacos are some of the best you can make at home. They have a delicious flavor you can only get from the grill, and plenty of other easy to prepare ingredients that will give your dish a unique taste. Try out the recipe here, and feel free to change it up a bit according to your preferences in terms of seasonings and garnishes. 

Backyard Get Togethers

Now that you’ve got some more ideas for your meals on the grill, share them with your friends and family members outside! Along with your meals, enjoy these ideas for backyard get-togethers that are perfect for summer.

S’mores Night

You’re never too old for smores! If you have a fire pit in your backyard, this is the perfect excuse for a get together. Make sure you have enough seating and space for the guests you invite, and make sure you have enough marshmallows and roasting sticks too! Aside from classic s’mores ingredients, cut up some fresh strawberries, peanut butter cups, or some of your other favorite toppings for your guests to personalize their treats.

Game Night

A fun get-together for family and friends is a classic game night. Whether you’re better at cornhole or poker, you can set up various stations for everything your guests might be interested in. You could also prepare for a game that everyone can be involved in together, like a murder mystery! Make sure you have enough outdoor lighting so that everyone can see the games they’re participating in, and put out some snacks and drinks on outdoor tables for refreshment. 

Backyard Movie

Enjoy the thrill and excitement of the cinema without having to leave your yard. Use an outdoor projector, along with pillows, blankets, and air mattresses to create the perfect, cozy ambiance of the movie theater–outside! Be sure you have enough outdoor seating or laying space for your guests, or use lawn chairs to fit everyone into a seat. 

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